This husband's "sexts" are exactly what a woman wants

When it comes to sparking romance, sometimes what really gets a woman going is when someone else takes on cleaning the house.

Once you have kids —and all the laundry, dishes, and projectile bodily fluids that go with them—sometimes the best thing your partner can do for you is help chip away at all that cleaning.

In fact, for some women, seeing their spouse with a mop in hand or toting a vacuum is downright sexy. Yep, fully and wordlessly sharing the load at home: liable to spark more action than any romantic dinner on the town or bouquet of flowers!

That was the thinking when a Reddit user with the rather perfectly imperfect handle “dirty-ol-slob” sent his neat-freak wife a series of sexy photos—featuring no nudity at all, but instead featuring himself in a various of faux-suggestive poses, all around the theme of him cleaning their home.

Photo courtesy: dirty-ol-slob/Reddit

“My wife really likes it when I do housework so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on,” he wrote in his post on Reddit.

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The pics include a shot of him cuddling up to a soapy scrub brush, a shot of him manly-manning the vacuum, suggestively dropping a detergent pod into the washer, and one that simply shows a close-up of the washing machine’s setting for “large load.” (Ha! But also: Ew.)

Never mind that the power cord on the vacuum wasn’t even unwrapped—not sure you can actually suck up Cheerios and dust bunnies when it’s not plugged in!—it’s the overall effort and cheeky good humor that’s winning this guy raves online, and hopefully at home, too.

Photo courtesy: dirty-ol-slob/Reddit


Photo courtesy: dirty-ol-slob/Reddit


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