Why this man won't help his wife with housework

We think this Facebook post should be celebrated for the message it sends not only to our children, both boys and girls, but also to the culture of society we live in.

Has your partner ever offered to “help” with the kids, but that really nice offer really irked you? Support is a wonderful thing; the problem is that the word help implies one person is responsible for a job, while the other is merely deigning to pitching in.

We’re loving this widely shared viral video, which nails the problem with the word “help” when it comes to being partners in parenting. In it, a man explains to his friend, who’s expressed surprise that a husband actually did the dishes unasked, that he does not “help” his wife. Instead, he contributes to their life, their kids, and the home they both share, saying: “I do not help my wife clean the house…I live here too, and I need to clean it too.”

We’re not sure if this conversation ever actually took place, but we sure love the message. After all, as the video says at the end: The real change of society begins in our homes.

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