This father-daughter dance will break your heart

This emotional video of a father and his one-year old terminally ill daughter as they dance for the last time will touch your heart.

This father-daughter dance will break your heart

Photo: Mirrorpix

This emotional video of a father dancing with his almost two-year old daughter, who is terminally ill, will touch your heart.

Millie McGuire's parents, Kevin and Marcia, are determined to make beautiful memories with their daughter in the limited time she has left. So, they arranged for musical group, Stone Foundation, to play "The Balloon is Rising" for Kevin and Millie to dance to in celebration of Millie's upcoming birthday.

Millie is now receiving palliative care Photo: McGuire family

Kevin said, "The one thing that does get to me is the knowledge I will never ever dance with Millie at landmark birthdays or her wedding."

Mille, who will turn two in a couple of days, suffered from brain damage, before she was born at North Tees Hospital in England, and was not expected to last the night. She underwent a procedure called therapeutic hypothermia, which brought her body temperature below 32C to prevent further damage.

“After 72 hours, they slowly warmed her back up over a three-day period—and then it was a waiting game.


Millie was unconscious for around six weeks until one day, she opened one eye," Kevin told Mirror UK.

The disorder causes her bones to break easily; she has no gag reflex; she can't swallow; and she experiences seizures.

"When I see videos of dads dancing with their daughters at events, as lovely as it is, it kills me inside," said Kevin.

The couple is taking every opportunity to enjoy the time they have left with their daughter, who is now receiving palliative care. Kevin said, "In her short time on this crappy spinning rock, Millie has given us only happiness and love."

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