This dad had the best edits to his wife's instructions on how to parent

This isn't the first time a mom has assumed that their partner has no clue what to do when it comes to taking care of the kids.

Most moms would agree that leaving their baby in the care of someone else, especially for the first time, can be nerve-wracking. And sometimes that feeling doesn’t go away—even when it’s your partner watching them.

This mother was clearly nervous about having to leave for two days and she may have taken her mighty maternal instincts too far. She decided to put all of her stress on paper by writing an extensive list of parenting instructions for her husband titled, “Instructions for Jacob.”

Mom, dad and baby How I decided to become a stay-at-home dadThe two-day itinerary provides a thorough, step-by-step guide on everything from how to change the baby’s diaper and dress them to (essentially) how to be a parent. This isn’t the first time a mom has assumed that their partner has no clue what to do when it comes to taking care of the kids, but based on this father’s reaction, we don’t think he was very impressed. To get back at her, he decided to make some edits to her list—and they’re pretty hilarious.

He crossed out things “Instructions for Jacob” and wrote “Recommendations for King Jacob”, and “Dress in warm onesie with feet” was changed to “Dress in whatever he looks awesome in.” He also created a FAQ section for his wife with his Friday itinerary, for when she returns: recover from being a single dad, play Fallout 4, seek appreciations and praise from the wife, watch Dragon Ball Z, and sleep.

If this didn’t make you laugh, he also added comments and notes to her list, sarcastically referencing his “hopelessness” as a father. For example, “FaceTime with Mom!” was scratched out and changed to “Teach him how to play Nintendo,” and “Apply diaper cream to butt” was questioned with “So, do I take the diaper back off?” 

Check out the full list:

A list of instructions.

Photo: Reddit

If you get parenting points for humour,  this dad is #winning and we’re pretty sure he had a lot of fun with his little guy. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the pet fish. Yikes!

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