This dad came up with a genius way to get his baby to take a bottle

When his baby wanted the boob but mom was at work, this clever father came up with a hack that saved the day. We haven't seen this one before!

This dad came up with a genius way to get his baby to take a bottle

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Whether you use breastmilk or formula, feeding a fussy baby can be a challenge—especially when you're a dad trying to bottle-feed a baby who only wants the boob.

Father-of-five Anthony Favors recently found himself in this exact predicament when his wife was at work and their youngest daughter started to get hungry. He got a bottle ready, but unfortunately for him, their baby girl refused to drink out of the bottle.

Luckily, this quick-thinking dad came up with a perfect solution. He took some pictures of his brilliant idea and shared them on Facebook, and can we just say that this one is priceless. Take a look.


Is that what you think it is? Sure is!

In a hilarious effort to feed his daughter, this dad pulled a full Mean Girls and snipped a hole in his shirt around where a nipple would be. After sticking the bottle's nipple through the hole, he had himself a fake boob that was real enough to fool his baby into taking the bottle. GENIUS! To all the dads out there, take notes!

While we're glad he was able to feed his daughter (fed is best, right?), we can't stop laughing at how funny his makeshift breast looks in that first picture. There's just something about the nipple's close proximity to his armpit that makes it look so wonderfully ridiculous.


So dads, try this the next time you're taking care of your breastfed baby, but make sure to set that shirt aside from the rest of your wardrobe. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the gym having a full Regina George moment.


Who knows? Maybe you'll start a trend and all the dads will be walking around with bottle holes too.

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