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Watch this dad's hilarious and heartbreaking reaction to his baby's first shots

Getting vaccinated is tough, even for some adults. Watching your newborn go through those first few shots can be just as painful for a parent, if not more.

As a parent watching your newborn suffer through his first shots, you can positively feel the pain. You try to hold it together and stay strong while offering words of comfort and encouragement, but end up blubbering like a baby, too.

New dad Antwon Lee shared his emotional experience on Facebook last week. What started as a sweet pep talk soon turned into both father and two-month-old son, Debias King, bearing the pain together.

"You're gonna get these shots. I want you to look at me now," Lee tenderly tells Debias before he's about to get vaccinated. "[You] gonna be good. I know you're gonna cry, but it's OK to cry."

As the first needle goes in, however, Lee breaks down as his son starts to wail.

"Man, I know, I know. I'm sorry," he pleads to Debias, their shared crying getting louder and louder. "Look at Dad, you gotta look at Dad. C'mon man, Daddy knows. One more..." The last shot. "Oh lord! I know, I know."

After it's done, Lee immediately sweeps Debias into his arms to soothe him.


"They did you wrong, man. I know, I know," he says.

Lee later told Scary Mommy that his father died the day he posted the video, which made him even more emotional and grateful for his newborn son.

"I signed up for fatherhood," he said. "And I thank God that I did."

The now viral video has been seen over 12 million times.

This article was originally published on Oct 31, 2017

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