This chilling moment will ensure you always use your stroller brake

A mother's stroller was recently pulled off of the platform and into the side of a passing train. Here's how to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

A mother’s stroller was recently pulled off of a platform and into the side of a passing train—and no, it wasn’t a ghost.

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Instead, it was the freight train’s quick pass through the station that created a slipstream strong enough to draw the stroller away from the wall and towards the edge of the platform. Luckily, the child was safe in their mother’s arms when the unattended stroller started moving of its own accord.

Security footage of the distressing incident was released by the Rail Safety and Standards Board in the UK as a safety warning to parents and childcare providers to pay extra attention when using strollers on train platforms.

“The best way of keeping you, your children and your belongings safe is to keep hold of your pram, fully applying the brake where possible,” said a representative from the RSSB.

Moms already have a lot to keep track of, especially when travelling with their children, but this CCTV footage shows how important it is to hit those brakes.

We’re glad nobody was hurt in the incident, but man, strollers can be expensive to replace.

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