This calculator will tell you how much sleep you've lost since having kids (spoiler: it's a lot)

Ready to find out just how much lost sleep you've accrued since becoming a parent? This handy new calculator will reveal all.

calculator that shows how much sleep you've lost as a parent based on your child's age

Photo: Hillarys

Sleepless nights are your jam, right? If you’re a parent, all signs point to yes. But just how much blessed slumber have you missed out on since having kids? A new calculator from UK-based curtain company Hillarys will help you figure out exactly how many zzz’s you’ve forfeited since becoming a parent.

You just have to enter the age of your kid (or kids) and the company will reveal how much sleep you’ve lost in hours, days and MONTHS! Based on extensive research by the company, the calculator will also tell you just how many diapers you’ve changed, how many lullabies you’ve sung and how many bedtime stories you’ve read. Spoiler: it’s a lot. You all deserve a medal.

See for yourself—click here to calculate just how much sleep you’ve lost (warning: it may make you want to cry).

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