This 'Baby Shark' cake smash shows what it's like to breastfeed a baby who bites

This mom's funny photos of her baby shark smashing into this special cake will hit a little close to home if you had a bite-y breastfeeder.

Breastfeeding a baby who likes really bite into your nipples isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, but unfortunately, it’s one that lots of moms go through at some point.

This was the case for one mom named Kayla Seitz, who endured her little chomper, Sophie, for nine months while breastfeeding. As her baby began to transition over to solids, Kayla had a creative idea to celebrate the end of a (painful) era. She dressed her little one up as a shark, gave her a boob cake to smash into and the results are hilarious! Take a look at her Facebook post:

Here’s to surviving 9 months of breastfeeding little Sophie Shark 😅😅🤣🤣 #MyPoorNinnys #DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou #BabySharkIga Logan photographyKelli's Cake's Gone Wild

Posted by Kayla Seitz on Monday, February 11, 2019

We love a good cake smash and you can tell from these pictures that this Baby Shark showed no mercy for the poor boob cake. If your kid used to be a bite-y breastfeeder, your boobs might be feeling a bit sore after looking at these. And to make it even more adorably traumatizing, the cake underneath the flesh coloured icing is a bright red velvet. Yikes!

four babies doing a cake smash Can you spot what's super weird about this cake smash?Despite the fact these pics could bring back some painful memories, we still think they’re so cute. And that shark costume? Even cuter!

In her caption, Kayla wrote, “Here’s to surviving 9 months of breastfeeding little Sophie Shark. #DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou.” Hilarious! This just goes to show that it’s worth having a little creative fun when it comes to celebrating baby milestones. Being a mom is hard so you gotta celebrate when you can.

So bravo, Kayla. Here’s hoping her nipples (and yours) made a full recovery from that vicious shark attack!

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