The secret trick to making your kid's Fingerling fart and burp

If you were one of the lucky parents who got their hands on this year's hottest toy, here's how make it let out some hilariously rude noises.

The secret trick to making your kid's Fingerling fart and burp

Photo: Courtesy of WowWee

If you were one of the parents lucky enough to snag a Fingerling off the shelves during the holiday rush, your kids have probably spent the post-holiday days with their new friend firmly grasping one of their fingers at all times.

Depending on how your kid plays with them, these interactive baby monkeys (or unicorns and sloths if you got one of the limited edition versions) can make a bunch of different noises. The fun is in discovering what actions can cause new reactions.

Chances are your kid has probably already made their Fingerling pass gas on accident by now, but maybe they aren't sure how to make it happen again (and many kids will want to make it happen again). Good news, bathroom-humour-loving kiddos: this video uploaded to YouTube shows you exactly what to do to make your kid's Fingerling let out the cutest toot and the tiniest belch.

All you have to do is place your hand on the top of its head for a couple seconds, and it should let out a small fart. Flip the toy upside down and cup its head again, and it'll burp. Easy-peasy.

This laughter-inducing trick will give your kids endless entertainment (well, at least for the rest of the holiday break before school starts up again). As for the trick to making it stop, we'll leave that up to you.

Watch a full demonstration in the video below:

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