The Pokémon Go creators just announced a new Harry Potter game—and we think it's magic

Following in the footsteps of Pokémon Go, a new Harry Potter augmented reality game will let you explore the Wizarding World in your own backyard.

“You’re a wizard, Harry!” And soon enough, we all will be too.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment just announced that’s it’s releasing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a new augmented reality game for your mobile phone. That Hogwarts letter can’t come too soon for us.

   Cover image from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone    
   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone gets a magically animated update
Wizards Unite will be created with the help of Niantic, the folks who produced last year’s AR sensation Pokémon Go. Using your mobile phone as a lens, you’ll get to see J.K. Rowling’s much-loved Wizarding World come to life in your own town.

The game will encourage players to go outside and explore their neighbourhoods, just like in the Pokémon version, but instead of catching monsters, players will take part in adventures and discover magical artifacts and creatures.

And of course, you’ll be able to cast spells in the game, because you are a wizard (or a witch!) after all. And maybe you’ll also bump into a few of your favourite Harry Potter characters along the way!

We are so excited about this announcement, but alas, there’s no definite launch date yet. For now, you can sign up on the Wizards Unite website to get updates on the game.

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