This preemie survived thanks to 'Harry Potter' so J. K. Rowling sent her a special gift

Guess those books really are magical.

Little girl in a dress near twinkly lights Photo: Courtesy of Juniper's Page via Facebook

Little Juniper was born on April 12, 2011 at only 23 weeks—weighing just one pound, four ounces. Not knowing how long his preemie daughter would survive, Juniper's dad, Tom French, started reading Harry Potter to her every day in the NICU. He wanted his little girl to hear a story about a baby who also struggled to survive and beat the odds. Amazingly, the littlest Potter fan lived to hear the end of that story.

Now, we're not saying the books about "the boy who lived" kept Juniper alive... but it's a pretty magical coincidence.

Today, Juniper is a healthy five-year-old who recently received a special gift from the famous author who created the magical world that means so much to her family. When J.K. Rowling heard about Juniper's extraordinary tale of survival, she sent her all seven books in a boxed set and included a sweet message, too: "To Juniper, the girl who lived! With lots of love, J.K. Rowling."

Juniper is now old enough to truly appreciate how awesome these books are. She's a huge fan of Harry and his friends and adorably believes that Rowling wrote all the books just for her. What a cutie! We bet she's expecting her invitation to Hogwarts to arrive by owl any day now.

This article was originally published on Dec 09, 2016

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