The internet is up in arms about this video of twin toddlers who love each other

These twin toddlers love each other and aren't afraid to show it. So why is the internet so upset about this video their mom posted on her Instagram?

The internet is up in arms about this video of twin toddlers who love each other

Photo: @supernovaandjetman via Instagram

Most parents of twins will tell you that that their kids have an extra special bond. And for toddler twins Jetson Pharoah and Nova Maximus, this bond is especially strong.

Their mother Ashlee Muhammad recently posted a video on her Instagram of her twin boys celebrating their bond with a hug and a kiss before running off to play at daycare. So cute! But what's got some folks on the internet all fussed is that the two brothers kissed each other on the lips, once again sparking the debate about family members kissing on the mouth, and what is or isn't appropriate. Watch the clip below:

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The video has almost a million views and with almost 2,000 comments, there are unsurprisingly some commenters who think their kiss is a step over the line.

"Siblings shouldn’t be taught at an early age to be kissing each other on the lips," wrote one user. "What if they never stop that behaviour? It’s just weird. Hugs and kisses on the cheek are appropriate for siblings."

"Teach the boys to show love by hugging each other, not kissing each other. Brothers or not, it's two boys kissing, already showing them it's ok to kiss boys," wrote another.

Despite the homophobia and people calling it inappropriate, there has since been an outpouring of supportive comments praising these boys and their mom for focusing on the value of family love.

This user went all out against the haters: "THEY ARE BROTHERS. THEY CAME FROM THE SAME WOMB. SAME BLOOD. THEY ARE BABIES! Stop sexualizing these kids. Let them show affection and BE KIDS! weirdos!!!!!"


And we agree. We kind of can't believe anyone has a problem with brothers showing their affection in this way. No matter how they express their love, they're just kids who share the deepest bond, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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