Pink is just like every mom, begging her husband to do this one thing

Pink gave her husband a New Year's resolution that is SO relatable—we hope our husbands follow suit. Hear that, hunny?

By Jessica Spera

Pink is just like every mom, begging her husband to do this one thing

Photo: @pink via Instagram

The struggle is real! It's 2018, and for most people, that means new year, new resolutions. And it's no surprise that Pink has the best resolution for her husband, Carey Hart: photograph her more often.

The singer and mom of two—Willow Sage, 6, and Jameson Moon, 1—shared an adorable video on Instagram of her family on a plane. In it, Carey is showering Jameson in kisses and making him giggle while Willow coughs somewhere in the background, off-camera. But it wasn't so much the video as it was the caption that caught our attention.

"At least one kid is having fun while the other one spreads disease. And don’t worry- Mrs. safety/fun police is making sure everyone has their seatbelt on while documenting history. Happy friggin 2018. I hope one of [Carey]‘s resolutions is to photograph his wife more. Just so people know I exist. Carry on...... #laughteristhebestmedicine"

Can you relate to Pink? It's usually moms who are behind the lens, documenting and capturing their kids' history: all of the sweet moments, milestones and memories. And most times, those photos and videos include dad or the kids, but mom is MIA.

We know that the memories live on inside your head and people say to live in the moment and put down the devices. But it would be nice to also have captured moments with Mom in them, right? That way, they remember that ya, Mom WAS there and she DOES exist. Although this one mom had a genius idea to hire a photographer to capture amazing moments with her kids, but not everyone has the means to do so. But really, is it too much to ask for our partners to pick up their phones and take the damn photo?

We're with you, Pink and love this New Year's resolution.

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