North West is the STEM advocate we didn't know we needed

In Kim Kardashian's '73 Questions' video for Vogue, her eldest daughter's love of Bill Nye The Science Guy stole the show.

North West is the STEM advocate we didn't know we needed

Photo: Vogue

There was a lot to digest in Kim Kardashian West's '73 Questions' video for Vogue, from her and Kanye's insanely minimalist home (where are the toys?!) to Anna Wintour's role in naming their daughter. But one thing in particular stole the show—five-year-old North West's love of Bill Nye The Science Guy.

When asked what her kids are most into these days, Kim explained that, "[three-year-old] Saint is into Paw Patrol, anything Paw Patrol, North is into Bill Nye The Science Guy, and [one-year-old] Chi is into anything food."

"I want to meet him," North piped in, and now we're excitedly awaiting their inevitable meet and greet. With a history of over-the-top birthday parties, maybe North will ring in her 6th with a science-themed 'do—and an appearance by the Science Guy himself?

North's current obsession is amazing for a few reasons. The fast-paced science series is a total throwback, having aired between 1993 and 1999 (and winning 19 Emmys during its five seasons!).

Also, it shows Nori's budding love of STEM—that's science, technology, engineering and mathematics—which is a curriculum that's been a hot topic of late, especially where girls are concerned. We love that she may be inspiring her little fans to get into science, too.

If you're looking to foster some STEM love in your little ones, you can find Bill Nye The Science Guy episodes on YouTube in Canada and Netflix in the United States. Parents, you'll love spotting cameos by Drew Barrymore, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Ross and Christopher Walken!


His revamped 2018 Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves The World, has more of an adult talk show vibe (and appearances by Ali Wong, Karlie Kloss, Zach Braff and more), but with the same over-the-top science sketches we all loved as kids.

So Nori, thanks for inspiring a new generation of girls to love the wonderful world of science! We bet with Saint, Chicago and a third sibling on the way to follow your lead, Kim and Kanye will want to experiment-proof their impeccable home (model volcanoes can get real messy, amiright?).

This article was originally published on Apr 12, 2019

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