Mom's brutally hilarious Christmas card tells it like it is

You'll never guess which "accomplishments" this mom decided to celebrate in her family's hilarious—but brutally honest—Christmas card.

By Kevin John Siazon

Mom's brutally hilarious Christmas card tells it like it is

Photo: iStockphoto

It's that time of year again: Christmas card season (actually, if you haven't sent yours out yet, you may already be late to the game).

Christmas cards are usually the place where moms will brag about their family's accomplishments over the past year. However, this mom must've gotten her letters mixed up because she used their Christmas card to totally drag her family...through the mud, that is.

We cannot stop laughing at this insert that celebrates the "accomplishments" nobody ever talks about. For example, her nine-year-old son, Hunter, got cut from his soccer team and said his first swear word (which is actually kinda impressive that it took that long). Her three-year-old, Landon, cries when he doesn't get Gushers after dinner, and her husband Tom's golf shoes are "still currently on the steps after I told him three times to take them upstairs." Oh, Tom.

Take a look at the full insert below:

It's so refreshing to see a family not taking themselves too seriously in their Christmas card. Sometimes these cards can go a bit overboard with the showboating (six-year-old Jimmy just closed a merger deal for his lemonade empire and 16-year-old Ashley's straight A's got her a full-ride to a university that has a campus on the moon). It can get annoying having to read them all—especially since we get enough of that stuff on social media throughout the year.

Who knows, maybe calling her family out on their issues will make them more likely to do better next year. Or maybe we'll just laugh at how accurately this portrays all our lives and follow in her footsteps. It's about time we learn to celebrate both the highs and the lows anyways.

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