25 moments from ‘This Is Us’ that had us ugly crying

If you aren't wiping your tears and snot on your sleeve after watching This Is Us, you're doing it wrong.

By Valerie Howes

25 moments from ‘This Is Us’ that had us ugly crying

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With Season 2 of This Is Us wrapped up, we look back at the most tear-jerking scenes from the show so far. And there are many! Warning: There will be spoilers.

William's 'Sliding Doors' moment We sobbed watching William abandon his music career, lose his mother, fall into addiction, then leave his newborn son at a fire station. But nothing quite prepared us for the sequence of events that didn't actually happen to him in his "life of almosts and could-haves": William meeting Randall as a little kid, William spending Christmas with the Pearsons, William watching Randall graduate. HE COULD HAVE BEEN THERE FOR EVERYTHING THAT MATTERED! Why, Rebecca, why?!


William and Randall bonding on a road trip Fortunately, Randall tracked down his birth dad a few months before the sweet old poet succumbed to cancer. Yes, they lost 36 years... but they will always have Memphis.


Kleenex! NOW!!!

The Pearson cheek hold (x3) We knew it was coming, but we still couldn't take seeing William on his death bed. He and Randall didn’t get to finish the road trip. They didn’t even see the ducks, man. Thankfully, Randall held it together so that he could comfort his scared birth father in his dying moments


...exactly the same way Jack used to comfort Randall, as a kid prone to panic attacks.


...and just like Kate comforted Jack, when he confided he had a drink problem.

Somebody hold OUR tear-stained cheeks!

Beth's FUN-eral toast  The celebration of life Tess and Annie organized for their grandfather was heartbreakingly adorable, what with the candy pills for breakfast, 49 balloons and the neighbourhood walkabout in hats. But nothing was more poignant than Beth delivering a toast into the girls’ pink karaoke mic.

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That part where she talked about William dancing in the living room...“William’s moves weren’t fast, but they were endearing as hell. He was endearing as hell.”

Cue: Randall’s single tear. Cue: All of us bawling our eyes out.

Jack parenting each of his kids like a mustachioed boss Now that we've relived our trauma over losing William Hill, let's re-open the Jack wound.

This mug doesn’t lie…


Jack was such a great dad. We've got evidence:

Exhibit A: Jack voguing with Kate Jack made us mist up in pretty much every scene he had with Kate. Remember how he tried to console her when her friends jumped ship at her own Madonna party, by getting her to teach him how to Vogue? Strike a pose, World's Best Dad!


Exhibit B: Jack doing really challenging pushups at Randall’s karate class initiation Mascara-stained tears streaked down our cheeks, when Jack demonstrated that his "back was built to carry his son through life.” 


Exhibit C: Jack giving Kevin his necklace When Kevin had his big dream of becoming a pro football player shattered along with his knee, Jack gave us all the feels by presenting Number One with his treasured necklace from Vietnam.

Kevin losing the necklace on a one-night stand Fast-forward 20 years, and we're still getting all choked up over Jack's jewellery. We lost it along with Kevin, when his shunned lover refused to return the necklace from her bathroom floor. We felt for Charlotte from high school, but our loyalties were ultimately with Kevin. That necklace was the only thing he had left of his father. He was in pain, OK?

The Pearson household height charts burning down Pretty much every second of the Super Bowl Sunday episode had us begging for mercy. But what could be more heartbreaking than watching this symbol of all those years in that same house go up in flames?

Rebecca, Randall and Kate watching their entire house burn to the ground—with Jack inside OK. That's even worse. They thought he was DEAD.

Jack dying for realz Turned out Jack escaped the fire, as well as saving the dog, the home videos and the photo albums. And he seemed totally fine. But just as we were feeling peak love for him, he went and broke our hearts anyway, by dropping dead hours later from a totally unexpected cardiac arrest. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Sly Stallone totally seeing Kevin Jack was a massive Rocky fan, so it was a huge deal for Kevin to act in a movie with Sylvester Stallone. But Sly spoke about Jack, Rocky, grief and the way time can fold in on itself when you think back to the special memories, right before their big scene, and it wrecked poor Kevin's focus. We couldn't have held it together either. All we wanted to do after that monologue was hug our knees and rock.

Kevin holding Randall in his moment of need Speaking of hugs, we cried like colicky triplets when Kevin ditched his New York play to comfort Randall, who was having a mental break after William's death. It took that self-centred jerk 36 years to do something nice for his brother, but it was worth the wait.

Kate needing her mom after losing the baby Another reconciliation that moved us was that time Kate had a miscarriage and reached out to Rebecca, even though the two were borderline estranged.


And then...

Rebecca saying exactly the right thing to her grieving daughter Having lost her third baby, Kyle, during childbirth, Rebecca knew what Kate was going through. That story about losing it in the grocery store over a bag of onions—we could have sworn she meant CUT onions, because We. Could. Not. Stop. Crying.


Deja and Randall's first hug We could barely hold it together when Deja said goodbye to her foster sisters, Tess and Annie.


And then she let Randall hold her, and we couldn't even. He worked So HARD to gain her trust. And now he's supposed to just let go?

Beth admitting to Kate she had a Deja-shaped hole in her heart Don't make her be "the brain" all the time, Randall. Your wife has feelings too. And she's spreading them to us.

Seeing grown-up Tess for the first time She becomes a social worker? She helps foster kids find forever families? Everything is right with the world in 2030.

Kate admitting to Rebecca that she admires her Like, we already had tears just seeing Kate in that dress. And then she goes and makes peace with her mother. Our hearts are full.

Jack looking forward to a future he'd never see

F*ck that crockpot.

Katoby making it official They looked so happy. OK, so the flash forwards hint that future Toby ends up totally miserable, but for now, let's just bathe in our own happy tears.