Meghan Markle just talked about raising a feminist and we're here for it

While on a panel of influential ladies for International Women's Day, Meghan Markle talked about raising a feminist son or daughter—and the little flutters of feminism that she might already be feeling.

Whether she’s carrying a little prince or princess, Meghan Markle’s royal baby is sure to be raised a feminist—and she  joked on Friday that the wheels could already be turning with every little kick!  The Duchess of Sussex joined influential women like Annie Lennox and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on a panel for International Women’s Day, and when she was asked how her bump has been treating her, she had a witty and poignant response.

“It’s funny, I’d actually been joking these past few weeks; I’d seen this documentary on Netflix about feminism and one of the things they said during pregnancy was, ‘I feel the embryonic kicking of feminism,'” she said, joining the audience in a laugh. “I loved that. So boy or girl, whatever it is, we hope that that’s the case.”

We couldn’t agree more that it’s high time we all raise our girls and boys to be feminists. “I think it would be impossible to not have boys especially as part of this conversation because picture how much courage it takes for a young girl in a small village, where most of the girls haven’t gone to school, and they’re reaching out, doing whatever they can, walking miles to be able to get an education,” Meghan explained.

meghan markle smiling in front of a pink wallMeghan Markle may raise her royal baby differently—but not gender fluid“There’s nothing threatening about a woman coming up to the same level, it’s our safety in numbers. Men are part of the conversation…my husband certainly is!” (That’s right, Prince Harry is a self-proclaimed feminist, too.) The pregnant royal also talked about her own journey to feminism at 11 years old, when she wrote letters to Procter & Gamble asking that they change a dish soap ad to reflect the fact that people fight greasy pots and pans, not just moms—and they did!

With her late April/early May due date fast approaching, Meghan also admitted that she’ll be taking it easy following the panel—as she should! After sending some love to the inspiring men and women in her life and kicking off her heels, “I’ll put my feet up because that’s a deserved treat, especially in this stage of pregnancy!” Do you, Meghan!

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