It's double the fun with the new Hatchimals Surprise!

Celebrate Hatchimal day with the new Hatchimals Surprise eggs that give your kid two fuzzy bundles of joy to nurture and love.

By Kevin John Siazon

It's double the fun with the new Hatchimals Surprise!

Photo: Spin Master

Happy Hatchimals Day!

Spin Master, the makers of 2016's hottest toy, is celebrating today with the release of a new kind of Hatchimals that hatches two little creatures from one egg. You heard that right—TWINS!

Between Beyoncé and Jessi Cruickshank, twins are definitely having a moment in 2017, and these new Hatchimals are even cuter than their predecessors.

After hatching them from a jumbo egg, your kid will get a chance to nurture a pair from one of two new species: Giravens or Peacats. (Or if you're lucky, you may get a pair from a few surprise species that are exclusive to certain retailers—Walmart has Zuffins!)

Like real-life twins, each Hatchimal babe will have its own personality; one will be more chatty and love to sing while the other will love to play and dance (Looks like that Beyoncé inspo goes beyond the twinning). Together, they'll interact with each other too, sharing a case of the giggles and playing games.

Your kid will enjoy raising these fuzzy creatures through their different stages, baby to toddler to kid, just like last year's version. Spin Master has also made an improvement to this year's version with a faster hatching time—your kids will get to cuddle their new friends as early as 7 minutes after starting the process. We know from experience that sometimes hatching can take forever. Watch this video from last year where one of our editors gets help from around the office to hatch a Hatchimal of her very own.

The toys will retail at $90 and are available in stores and online starting Oct. 6. Make sure to grab yours early to avoid the pre-holiday rush! Now the only question is, which two will you hatch?

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