Is this baby doll calling you a b*tch?

A UK mother was shocked when the baby doll she recently bought for her daughter's second birthday started repeating one very rude phrase.

As babies learn to talk they say all sorts of nonsense words, which can sometimes come out sounding slightly inappropriate.

Baby dolls don’t have that kind of learning curve. So it’s understandably shocking when the doll you just bought for your daughter is suddenly babbling the phrase, “You b*tch” over and over.

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This is what happened to UK mother Rachael Horton earlier this week when she gave the My Little BABY Born Walks doll to her daughter Aria for her second birthday. “When we took the doll out of the box and started playing with it, I couldn’t believe what we heard,” Horton said in an interview with The Birmingham Mail. “I’m shocked, especially as it’s very clear what the doll is saying.”

The doll, which is available through UK retailer Argos, is advertised as being able to walk and talk. Supposedly, the doll is meant to be able to say “Mama” and “Papa”—fairly typical baby phrases—but after a small fit of giggles, this doll seems to be saying a completely different phrase. Have a listen:

Horton has contacted Argos’ customer service, which has offered to exchange the doll for another toy, but Horton isn’t satisfied. “I don’t want to just switch it for something else,” she said. “My daughter is only two, I don’t want her hearing words like that.”

Others have left reviews on the Argos’ website echoing Horton’s complaint, but reviews for the doll are no longer available.

So what do you think? Is the doll really calling you a b*tch?

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