Here's how Kristen Bell's kid found out she has a famous mom

And we're kinda...disappointed?

Here's how Kristen Bell's kid found out she has a famous mom

Photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Kristen Bell is one of our favourite celeb moms. But now that she's revealed the story of how her five-year-old daughter, Lincoln, found out she's famous, we're finding it kind of disappointing. I mean, we're talking about Princess Anna!

As Kristen explained in an interview with PopSugar, her husband, Dax Shepard, was recording a podcast recently with his actress-friend Monica Padman, when Lincoln asked him a simple question:

Lincoln: "Do people listen to the podcast for you or for Monica? Do you think they like you more or Monica?"

Dax: "They probably like us evenly because we both work hard on it. But probably they tune into the podcast because I'm famous and they know my name."

Lincoln: "You're famous?"

Dax: "Well, yeah, sweetie. Why do you think people ask me and Mommy for pictures when we're out in public?"

Lincoln: "Mommy's famous?!"

A cute moment for sure, but we're kinda shocked that this is the conversation that led to Lincoln figuring out her parents are celebs. Don't get us wrong, it's probably a fun podcast, but come on—Kristen Bell is the star of the biggest kids' movie in the past decade, Frozen! In the world of kids, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa are up there with the likes of Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse. Kristen has said her kids LOVE Frozen (as most kids do), so how did they not find out from that?


Now Kristen and Dax are super protective of their kids when it comes to their celebrity—they've taken great care to make sure their daughters know that the special treatment they get is not the norm for most people—but we could think of a bunch of different ways they could've found out that they had famous parents. Don't they see mommy's face on ads while they're out and about? Or even just scrolling through Netflix? Kristen also talked about how she doesn't take pictures for fans when she's out and about with her kids, but don't they realize what it means when strangers want to take mommy and daddy's picture?

To be fair, her kids are both still pretty young and according to Kristen, Lincoln doesn't fully understand what fame is yet. It sounds like she's just starting to figure it out. And while we would love for everything to always be this grand hilarious story (with Kristen it usually is), this just goes to show that sometimes the seemingly big moments in life end up happening in the most boring way.

And you know what? That's OK.

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