Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys is the puberty book that'll help your boy become a man

Puberty doesn't have to be scary. This book will help guide you and your son through this awkward rite of passage.

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys is the puberty book that'll help your boy become a man

Photo: American Girl Publishing

Parents of tween boys, we have some big news.

After the success of American Girl's popular puberty guides for girlsThe Care and Keeping of You series, the company is releasing a new guide specifically for your little man. They released their first boy doll earlier this year, and we're excited they're continuing the trend with this new book.

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys, written by Cara Natterson, a paediatrician, and illustrated by Micah Player, is a great way to start conversations with your son to help you both through this time of awkwardness and transformation. The book is appropriate for ages 7 and up, and we love how it's written in a straightforward way that's easy for kids to understand while still being packed with helpful tips and useful information.

What we love most, though, is that Guy Stuff covers a lot more than just acne and smelly armpits. Rather than being just about puberty, it's more of a guide to becoming a healthy adult both physically and mentally. Split into seven colour-coded sections, the book tackles a range of things such as the difference between confidence and arrogance, how to tell if you're dehydrated just by looking at the colour of your pee and forming good sleeping and eating habits. It also has a section devoted entirely to emotions and what it means to be a man (FYI: men have feelings too, and they're definitely allowed to feel them). Important stuff!

And don't worry, your son isn't meant to read the book cover to cover in one sitting. Puberty doesn't follow a strict timeline—a fact your son will learn in the book—so he'll be able to jump to the pages about the changes he's experiencing right as they're happening.

So instead of being daunted by the thought of having The Talk with your son, just give him this book and hopefully it will inspire many smaller, more casual talks throughout his tween years. Just make sure to read it first and let your kid know that you've read it. This way, he'll know you're aware of what's in there and be less inclined to be embarrassed about asking any follow-up questions.

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