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9 puberty books for girls

Have you had "The Talk" yet? Sometimes handing your tween daughter a book is a heck of a lot easier (and less embarrassing) for all involved.

9 puberty books for girls

Photo: Workman Publishing

Puberty books for girls

Bunk 9’s Guide to Growing Up

As told to Adah Nuchi and illustrated by Meg Hunt, Workman Publishing. This book is the ultimate guide to everything growing up (and we mean everything) from changing bodies, to new feelings and everything in between. It’s written as if readers found this awesome guide while at summer camp filled with all the secret tips, advice and wisdom of those that came before them. $20,

Cover art for Bunk 9's Guide to Growing Up. Looks like the front of a notebook with a pink background and cute stickersPhoto: Workman Publishing

Girl Stuff — A Survival Guide To Growing Up

Written by Margaret Blackstone and Elissa Haden Guest, HMH Books for Young Readers. Ah, puberty. It brings both physical and psychological changes, but Girl Stuff explains them all. Preparing for a first period, dealing with unwanted zits and the torrent of new emotions—all this is covered. With quotes from girls about their personal experiences, illustrations, explanations of what happens to girls and boys, and what to expect as puberty approaches, this book is great for girls who have lots of questions and are ready to learn about their changing bodies. $13,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: HMH Books


The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls

Written by Valorie Schaefer, American Girl. With this series, the American Girl empire makes it easy to transition from the little-girl doll phase to the next stage: reading about how girls’ bodies change. Recommended for eight- to 10-year-olds, this book offers advice on early puberty, information about buying a first bra, tips on eating healthy and puberty facts from experts. $13,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: American Girl

The Care & Keeping Of You 2: The Body Book For Older Girls

Written by Cara Natterson, American Girl. This is the next American Girl book, for ages 10 and up. It deals with peer pressure, physical and emotional changes, personal care, and a girl’s developing body (in more detail). With puberty happening earlier and earlier, some tweens may still be playing with their American Girl dolls when they start to notice their body changing. $15,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: American Girl

Sex, Puberty, And All That Stuff: A Guide To Growing Up

Written by Jacqui Bailey, Barron’s Educational Series. This book—for both girls and boys, aged 11 to 16—is divided into sections called “Boy Stuff” and “Girl Stuff,” which allows young readers to learn about changes for the opposite sex, too. It also tackles more complicated issues like dating, sex, contraception, pregnancy, STDs, and homosexuality. Some of the line drawings are quite funny, too, which is always appreciated—sometimes you and your kid may need a good laugh to break up a serious conversation. $16,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: Barron's Educational Series


The What’s Happening To My Body? Book For Girls

Written by Lynda Madaras, William Morrow Paperbacks. This informative and sensitively-written book was selected by the American Library Association as a “best book for young adults.” Girls age 10 and up will appreciate the real-life stories and down-to-earth style. It also tackles challenging and sometimes difficult-to-discuss topics such as sexually transmitted diseases and anorexia and bulimia. If you like the tone of this book, Madaras—whose background includes more than 20 years as a sex and health education teacher—has also written A Growing-Up Guide for Parents and Daughters, intended to start discussions and teach about appropriate Internet resources for nine- to 15-year-olds. $19,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: William Morrow Paperbacks

It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health

Written by Robie H. Harris, Published by Candlewick Press. It’s Perfectly Normal is the third book in a three-part series for ages 10 and up about changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health. The first book, It’s Not The Stork (for ages 4 and up), is narrated by an adorable cartoon bird and bee as they learn about body parts and where babies come from. The second book, It’s So Amazing (for ages 7 and up), is about birth, families, love, homosexuality and more. It’s Perfectly Normal, the grand finale in the series, deals with issues that are more complicated: adoption, abortion, sexual abuse, masturbation, other types of sex, gender identity, miscarriage and HIV/AIDS. Due to the breadth of topics, the book has become somewhat controversial, but it’s popular: it has been translated into 30 languages for parents around the world to use. (It’s recommended for ages 10 and up, but you know your child best, and can decide what is appropriate for him or her.) $14,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: Candlewick Press

The Period Book — Everything You Don’t Want to Ask (But Need to Know)

Written by Karen Gravelle, Bloomsbury Press Agency. A girl’s first period is a huge milestone, so it’s crucial to be prepared and know what to expect. Aimed at younger kids, this easy-to-read book is written with a sense of humour. Gravelle describes the female anatomy and reproductive organs, of course. But she also covers the practicalities, like how to use pads and tampons (with helpful illustrations). If only this book had been available when we were growing up. $13,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: Bloomsbury Press Agency


What’s Happening To Me?: An Illustrated Guide To Puberty

Written by Peter Mayle, Lyle Stuart / Kensington Publishing Corp. Mayle has chosen the perfect title for his honest and humourous puberty book, complete with hilarious illustrations. In print for over 20 years, with over a million copies sold, it’s one of those tried-and-true books for starting the “birds and the bees” conversation. You may recognize Mayle as the author of Where Did I Come From?, which explains the reproductive process from intercourse to birth. $15,

9 puberty books for girlsPhoto: Lyle Stuart / Kensington Publishing Corp.

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This article was originally published on Nov 21, 2015

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