George Clooney sucks at picking baby names, apparently

George has been offering up some hilarious suggestions for the Clooney twins and Amal isn't having any of it.

George Clooney sucks at picking baby names, apparently

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When it comes to celeb baby names, we know anything goes. But as George and Amal Clooney prep for the arrival of their twins, it seems that George's baby name suggestions are a little too...outlandish for Amal's taste.

While at CinemaCon in Vegas promoting his new film, Suburbicon, George spoke with Entertainment Tonight about being a first-time dad of twins.

"I don't know how you fully digest [having], but I'm excited," he said. "It will be fun." The couple will join many other famous parents of multiples this June, including Beyonce and Jay-Z!

George got into baby names that Amal has shot down, and he joked that he may have gotten some inspiration from his tequila company, Casamigos.

"My wife says I can't name them Casa and Amigos. That's the one thing I'm not allowed to do...It was just a thought. I mean, you know, it's a family business." We can just picture Amal's eye roll when he said that.

On the more gushy side, George also said that his "amazing" wife is doing well, and that she's very organized, leaving him with minimal ways to help out. "I don't have anything to do. There is nothing I can do to help but make tea and stuff."

We're pretty sure you'll have plenty to do once those babies arrive, George. However, he did say that he has some better talents than picking baby names. "I know swaddling…I know what I’m in for." The joking dad-to-be went on to say that diapers will be extremely important in the future, "for me, not for the kids.”


Actress Julianne Moore, who stars in his film, says that she thinks George will be a great father. "I think it's great. I think he is going to be a natural. I’m not worried about him at all." How sweet!

He reassured E! News that he doesn't think he needs any more practice and that he will be his kids' go-to guy for anything serious. "Hang on for a minute. I played a pediatrician on ER. So I know how to work on extra children. If there's any accidents, I'm there. I'm the guy."

Hey Amal, all jokes aside, George isn't the only one to think of some extraordinary names. Check out some of these unique monikers that other celebrity parents have chosen for their little ones. Or for some more inspiration, try going for something more meaningful, like baby names meaning love or strong.


We can't wait to hear what the real baby names will be.

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