George, Charlotte and Louis get to play in the coolest life-sized playhouse

Step aside, Step2. The Cambridge kids get to let loose in the Queen's historic "Wendy house," which has electricity and a functioning bathroom.

George, Charlotte and Louis get to play in the coolest life-sized playhouse

When the Cambridge kids visit their great-granny in Windsor, you won't find them in a run-of-the-mill plastic play house. No, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis get to frolic in the Queen's historic "Wendy house," as they're called in the UK—a beautiful, life-sized structure with electricity, running water and a functioning bathroom, according to Hello! Canada.

We can see it now—the trio running through the rooms, popping their heads out of the windows and playing a game of house, with Louis forced to be the baby to George and Charlotte's daddy and mummy, again. It's almost too cute to handle.

Princess Elizabeth posting in front of her life-size playhouse in 1933 Photo: Central Press/Getty Images

The coolest part is that they're walking in their great-grandmother's footsteps, where the Queen and her sister, Princess Margaret, were photographed playing as little girls on numerous occasions as early as 1932, when the play house was built as a gift from the people of Wales. At the time, the Queen was just five years old, and according to People, the structure perfectly fits children who are four feet tall or smaller.

Prince William and Kate's kids aren't the first of the Queen's descendants to hang at Y Bwthyn Bach, which translates to 'The Small House,' and is located on the grounds of the Royal Lodge at Windsor Castle. Speaking in the 2012 documentary The Diamond Queen, Her Majesty's granddaughter, Princess Beatrice, who also grew up at Royal Lodge, shared fond memories of the play house.

Take a peek inside:


"Granny and her sister played here growing up and we've been lucky enough to play here with cousins and second cousins and it's a big family treat," Beatrice said. "It's the most glamorous Wendy house ever, but it's really beautiful and what you're seeing now is after a year's renovation process. It's been completely rethatched, new curtains, new wiring, a bit of a spruce up really! All the little china and glass was created especially for the house."

Like any house, this mini marvel needs regular maintenance, and the princess helped to give it an update to mark her granny's sixtieth year on the throne. "She still likes to come back and visit," added Beatrice, who is expecting her first child—another royal to introduce to the Welsh cottage. "Granny was very clear that for all the fabric she wanted very little designs. It's such a little house that she wanted little flowers and patterns. It's beautiful. I've been lucky enough to play here and now Granny's a great-granny, so now the great-grandchildren can enjoy it too."

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