Gap helps normalize breastfeeding in new ad and we love it

As part of a campaign for a new line of comfy home clothes, the Gap is running an ad showing a mom actually breastfeeding her baby.

By Kevin John Siazon

Gap helps normalize breastfeeding in new ad and we love it

Photo: @gap via Instagram

Breastfeeding mamas rejoice, because Gap just took a big step in normalizing breastfeeding.

The popular clothing company has been making maternity clothes, including nursing tops, for quite some time. But until recently, it has never featured an image of a mom actually breastfeeding in an ad campaign. That all changed with a recent Instagram post for its new range of comfy basics called "Love by GapBody."

The post featured two images: one of a mother holding her baby, and one of her breastfeeding. Despite the fact that the breastfeeding pic was tucked away in the second slot of the gallery (meaning it wouldn't show up on the grid of images on the Gap's profile page), we love the fact that the company included it at all. Not to mention the fact that the child isn't a newborn, but an older baby.

NOTE: To see the breastfeeding photo, click the arrow on the right side of the picture below.

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And to top it all off, the shirt being advertised isn't even a nursing top—it's a sleep shirt that's part of a range of normal clothes and not classified specifically as maternity wear. How about that for normalization? WOOT!

The reaction to the ad has been positive. Instagram commenters are showing it a lot of love, with some users saying they'll be shopping at the Gap more often because of it. "Guess I know where I need to shop!! Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding! #NormalizeBreastfeeding #ThankYou," wrote one user.

"This is beautiful and needed on several levels! Thank you! I love your company even more now," said another.

Let's hope this sparks other companies to follow suit and start including more breastfeeding moms in their future advertising. Maybe with enough of these ads, people will stop harassing moms who are simply trying to feed their children.