Finally, the kids' clothing line parents have been asking for

Abercrombie kids introduced a new unisex collection for kids, featuring a range of styles that any kid—girl or boy—can wear.

Sick of having to choose between the “boys” and “girls” side of the store when you’re shopping for kids’ clothing? Well, thankfully, one major clothing retailer has taken steps to break down the gender stereotypes that can plague the apparel section.

Today Abercrombie Kids announced a gender-neutral line is called Everybody Collection, and is now available both in stores and online. According to WWD, the collection is not huge, but it features 25 styles (tops, bottoms, accessories) and is “influenced by skate and streetwear cultures.”

To be fair, when you look at the Everybody Collection, they aren’t necessarily selling rainbow-splattered leggings and calling them unisex; the items are more like muted sweatshirts, camouflage bombers, and ombré hoodies—styles which already lend themselves to going across the aisle, so to speak. But the selling of them under one rubric—without labels of “girl” or “boy”—that’s refreshing. Oh, and we do love that there are several images of boys rocking out in pastels—pink and mint green.

   Photo of a pink and blue cupcake with each labeled    
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This is all heartening news, and certainly timely too, given the scrutiny that some retailers have come under lately for clothing that hews to tired stereotypes. (Just this week, a pair of frustrated moms in Norway actually created a free ad campaign for H&M, with the kids clothes mixed up between genders to show how clothes need not be delineated in this way.)

A photo of kids in unisex clothes

Photo: Courtesy Abercrombie Kids

And it’s a sign overall that the apparel industry is listening to parents about what they—and their kids—want to see in stores. To wit: a recent line from Target featured sensory-friendly clothing, something parents with children who have autism lauded, as well as a line of adaptive clothing. We say, keep these initiatives coming!

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