Could taking kids to see this movie change their lives?

A man in New York decided to raise funds to take kids in Harlem to see the newest Marvel movie, Black Panther, for a very important reason.

Last week, New York native Frederick Joseph started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for kids in Harlem to go see Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie in theatres.

After raising almost $40,000 in less than a week—which is four times his original goal of $10,000—he’s created the #BlackPantherChallenge to encourage others across the country to follow his lead and raise money for kids in their own communities to go see the film in theatres as well.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman running with shield Not just for girls: Why every boy needs to watch Wonder WomanBlack Panther is not just another superhero movie from Marvel, it’s being hailed as the prime example of proper on-screen representation. It will be the first feature film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a black lead and is cast with a majority of actors of colour. The title character, portrayed by Chadwick Boseman, is a superhero king of the fictional African country of Wakanda, which has been left untouched by colonialism allowing it to develop highly advanced technology.

“The release of Marvel’s film the Black Panther is a rare opportunity for young students (primarily of colour) to see a black major cinematic and comic book character come to life,” Joseph wrote on his campaign page. “I want these children to be able to see that people who look like them can be superheroes, royalty, and more. ”

Joseph is planning to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem to organize these special movie screenings for the children and their chaperones. In addition to a ticket, each child will also be given a refreshments allowance so they can have something to snack on during the movie (which would be a treat for anyone considering how pricey movie concessions tend to be.) Any extra funds leftover after the screenings will be donated directly to the Boys and Girls Club.

We think this is an awesome idea and a great opportunity for those kids who wouldn’t normally have access to a movie-going experience. Black Panther comes out in theatres on February 16 and Joseph is planning to take the kids to see the movie on the big screen the following week.

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