Coach says to run really fast to home plate—kid has another idea

This little trickster decided to have some silly fun when his coach told him to run home as fast as he could.

Kids can be so adorably silly sometimes, and this kid is definitely no exception.

In a recent tweet, Tabby Rodriguez shared a hilarious video of her 3-year-old cousin hamming it up for the crowd while “running” to home base. The video has since been viewed about eight million times, and it’s not hard to see why because this kid’s Chariots of Fire slow-mo run is HILARIOUS.

Apparently the third-base coach told this little boy to run as fast as he could to home base, but since the game seemed to be at a point where he couldn’t get tagged out, this kid saw his opportunity and ran with it—literally (well kinda). We challenge you not to laugh while watching this one:

Isn’t that adorable? We just love the point where his coach nudges him along, but the kid gives a little “Let me do it!” shove (you all know the one) and continues running in slow motion. You have to commend this boy for his commitment to the gag.

Mom sleeping on the ground at her kids soccer game This exhausted mom at her kid's soccer game is all of usAnother thing that makes this so funny is how his arm swings are a bit off from the timing of his legs. When you run normally, you usually swing the arm opposite from the leg you’re bringing forward in order to maintain balance. But for most of this kid’s run, he swings his limbs on the same side each time making it look even funnier. (Seriously, try just walking like this, and it’ll feel weird and look even weirder. Luckily, it’s cute when a kid does it.)

When you’re this little, baseball really isn’t about winning or losing—it’s more about learning the rules, fostering a love of the game and having fun. It’s moments like this that remind us all not to take things too seriously and just have fun with it because that’s what it’s all about, right?

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