These Canadian TikTok accounts are the break all parents need right now

There's plenty to love (and a lot to learn!) on TikTok—even if you're over 25 and the last dance routine you learned was the Macarena.

By Jessica Pollack

These Canadian TikTok accounts are the break all parents need right now

Photos: (left), @kavanaghdiaries (centre), @justjordynnaround (right) via TikTok

If you’re feeling more like Reese Witherspoon than Ciara when it comes to TikTok, you’re not alone. Mom groups aside, you’ve probably moved from Facebook to Instagram for your social fix, but TikTok can feel a bit intimidating if you’re over 25 and the last dance routine you memorized was the macarena.

Fear not, parents. No one has to be subjected to your weak attempts at the "WAP" dance—you can comfortably peruse endless short and snappy videos from the sidelines. Whether you joined out of curiosity or to keep tabs on your kids, you’ve got hours of scrolling ahead of you while you hide from your family in the bathroom. And moms with newborns, the middle-of-the-night entertainment is endless.

From the most relatable parents and their life hacks to quirky families and laugh-out-loud weirdness, here are 10 accounts you need to follow now.

When you need some eye bleach

With all the bad things happening around the world, sometimes you just need some cute content to make your heart feel good again. Follow these accounts if you're looking to turn your frown upside down.


Check out @justjordynnaround for the most adorable TikToks featuring two-and-a-half-year-old Jordy and her mom Jenn. Their videos are mostly of them playing and hanging around the house, but Jordy is incredibly well-spoken, taking the cuteness to new heights.

@justjordynnaroundWe love Pizza Hut! “Pizza Hut and Nothin’ But!!” ##mmmm ##pizza ##happydance ##PizzaHut @pizzahut♬ original sound - Jenn & Jordy


If you're looking for something to warm your heart, @caitlinfladager has got you covered. This mom of two shares plenty of tender moments with each member of her family that are sure to pull at your heartstrings. On top of that, she also gives great advice for supporting your kids' mental health with patience and understanding.

When you need a good laugh

Most people flock to TikTok for a little levity so of course we have to mention some Canadian parents who are really giving us the relatable humour we all crave.


Kelsey of @kavanaghdiaries is a mom of two who shares clips of her life with her wife and two sons. While her videos range from heartwarming to silly, her comedy videos are definitely our favourites.


Vancouver mom @ongsquad likes to poke fun at the rollercoaster ride that is life with four kids who are just as iPad-obsessed, demanding and picky eating as ours (we feel seen). We also love her reviews of Costco sale items, deep dives into Canadian food history and healthy appreciation for Hawkins Cheezies (our answer to Cheetos).

Leave it to "the mom friend you've always wanted," Renee Reina of The Mom Room podcast, to deliver a hearty dose of parental realness on her account Her feed is a mix of funny posts about life with a toddler, recipe ideas and mom hacks (she built her kid a cardboard potty room for privacy), and social commentary—we especially love when she takes down the trolls who criticize her parenting decisions.


This mama is full of sarcastic I-don't-give-a-f*ck humour and we're all for it—especially during this pandemic. Annie Robert of @thismamastillgotit is based in Montreal and is all about moms doing what they gotta do to make it through the day. Here here!

When you need some motivation

We're all in survival mode these days, but if you need a dose of happiness in your life (so you can fake it 'til you make it) you're going to want to hit follow on these positive parents—and we promise they won't give you a toothache, peppering more earnest posts with some serious LOLs.


Sometimes the best thing to keep us going is to see ourselves in other moms, especially when there's humour involved, and @diaryofanhonestmom does just that—whether it's her kids' infuriating inability to get themselves ready in the morning or the need for moms to give themselves a break and stop trying to live up to every expectation.


If you like '90s music and embarrassing your kids, @jennyfromtherock29 is the feed for you! She's got multiple teens who she's constantly dancing around, and she peppers her throwback jams with a not-annoying amount of self-affirming mantras and encouragement for parents.


We just want to give this lesbian #boymom a huge hug every time we see one of her posts—whether it's a mushy #hugtrap that puts the focus on kindness and positivity, a hilarious insight into aging or a poignant thought on parenting.


The self-proclaimed CEO of Positivity, @mommy.andemma, posts from her home base in Ottawa, where she answers fans' questions, reacts to funny TikToks and brightens our day with her daily dance predictions. Bonus: funny cameos from her husband and their adorable daughter Emma.

@mommy.andemmaAnswer to @lexiadkins31 OUR FAV FOOD AND DRINKS! #ImObsessed #CoversForLovers #qanda #answer♬ Spongebob - Dante9k


This Calgary mom loves to dance and show moms over a certain age that you're never too old to get moving. Check out her account @tosanoshshow for all the good vibes (plus some relatable comedy too!).

When you're looking to learn something cool

Pinterest moms, listen up! TikTok is now the place to go for quick life hacks, from tips for mixing your baby formula to tricks for getting your throw pillows to look just right. And it's also your new go-to to learn about awesome cultural practices, like Inuk throat singing.


Montreal-based @shinanova is schooling the world on Inuk throat singing and Indigenous culture in general. She performs with her mom, Caroline, and takes her 1.5 million followers along for the duo's lessons and performances, plus intimate moments like her mom giving her traditional braids. Be sure to loop your kids in for these videos!


Dr. Dina may be a paediatrician, but her TikTok, @drdinakulikisn't just health advice. Check it out for helpful tips ranging from how to store bananas so that they ripen more slowly to getting your crusty paintbrushes looking good as new.


If you're looking for simple tips to help you up your DIY home decor game, @jessicasaramorris is your gal. She'll show you easy ways to upcycle thrifted items and give your spaces a much-needed refresh.

This article was originally published on Feb 11, 2021

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