Are 'kid-proof' undies to protect Dad's junk an actual thing?

Is there a June Fool's Day that we don't know about? These dad-protector undies can't be a real thing

For men, getting hit in the groin is the ultimate in physical pain. And when you’re a dad with kids who aren’t always the most aware of their flailing limbs, you probably experience this pain quite often.

A baby making a face that says, "Are you shitting me?" Shittens are a real thing—have we reached a new low in parenting?Well, dads are in luck because popular baby brand, FridaBaby, just announced the launch of their kid-proof underwear designed to protect one’s bits from the kicky little legs and butting little heads of tiny humans. And they’re called FridaBalls. WHAT?!

Is this a Father’s Day prank? Is that a thing people do now? We get the play on words here—free the balls, which if you think about it is a little ironic considering these are ~protective~ undies—but is this actually a real thing??

They say it’s real in the promo video they put up on YouTube, but we seriously can’t tell if someone is just pulling our leg. Take a look:

Also “Heirloom Conservation Technology” just sounds like prank-speak, doesn’t it? Look at that logo! That can’t be real. Now we totally get that there’s a need for protection down there from your kids’ antics, but the reinforced protective pouch is basically just a built-in a soft cup. While so far we’ve been unable to get anyone to agree to test these undies out, we’re pretty sure that little foamy layer is no match for a little sneaker-clad foot.

The FridaBalls undies retail for about $28 USD, and you can purchase them on the FridaBaby site. If you try them out let us know if they actually work!

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