Are 'kid-proof' undies to protect Dad's junk an actual thing?

Is there a June Fool's Day that we don't know about? These dad-protector undies can't be a real thing

Are 'kid-proof' undies to protect Dad's junk an actual thing?

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For men, getting hit in the groin is the ultimate in physical pain. And when you're a dad with kids who aren't always the most aware of their flailing limbs, you probably experience this pain quite often.

Well, dads are in luck because popular baby brand, FridaBaby, just announced the launch of their kid-proof underwear designed to protect one's bits from the kicky little legs and butting little heads of tiny humans. And they're called FridaBalls. WHAT?!

Is this a Father's Day prank? Is that a thing people do now? We get the play on words here—free the balls, which if you think about it is a little ironic considering these are ~protective~ undies—but is this actually a real thing??

They say it's real in the promo video they put up on YouTube, but we seriously can't tell if someone is just pulling our leg. Take a look:


Also "Heirloom Conservation Technology" just sounds like prank-speak, doesn't it? Look at that logo! That can't be real. Now we totally get that there's a need for protection down there from your kids' antics, but the reinforced protective pouch is basically just a built-in a soft cup. While so far we've been unable to get anyone to agree to test these undies out, we're pretty sure that little foamy layer is no match for a little sneaker-clad foot.

The FridaBalls undies retail for about $28 USD, and you can purchase them on the FridaBaby site. If you try them out let us know if they actually work!

This article was originally published on Jun 08, 2018

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