Amy Schumer pokes fun at her saggy post-baby boobs with this new pic

Not one to shy away from oversharing, celebrity mom Amy Schumer revealed on Instagram that her breasts are #notwheretheyoncewere.

By Today's Parent
Amy Schumer pokes fun at her saggy post-baby boobs with this new pic

Photo: @amyschumer via Instagram

Amy Schumer is no stranger to sharing about her parenting struggles on her Instagram, and one of her latest posts is something many moms out there can totally relate to: saggy post-baby boobs.

The post shows her in a rather loose-fitting grey sweater pointing towards her breasts, paired with the caption "I should be nominated for a sag award #notwheretheyoncewere" (in reference to the Screen Actors Guild Awards show that happened over the past weekend). Take a look:

Now to be honest, her boobs don't really look that saggy to us at all (she probably just thought of the funny caption and decided to take a picture to go with it—she is a comedian after all), but if she's noticed a change from where they used to be then we say, "Welcome to the saggy boobs club, Amy!"

As many moms know, saggy boobs are just a thing that happens after you have a kid. However, here's a fun fact: it's not technically breastfeeding that makes your boobs sag. Yup, many moms-to-be take the potential for saggy breasts into account when they decide whether or not to breastfeed, but actually breastfeeding doesn't have anything to do with it. It's all in your genetics.

During pregnancy, hormones make your breasts swell up to prepare for breastfeeding. Whenever your body realizes it no longer needs to produce milk— whether you choose not to breastfeed, or down the road when you wean—the glands in your breasts shrink and the skin that stretched to accommodate the initial fullness will likely appear saggy.

Luckily, there's no shame in having an awesome mom bod. Your body created another human and prepped itself to nourish that human. Saggy boobs are a badge of honour! So welcome to the club, Amy. We're sorry you didn't get nominated for an actual SAG award, but you can still wear your sag with pride.


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