This mom's hilarious letter to her husband makes childcare sound like a nightmare

We're just hoping he didn't actually need all these instructions.

When mom of four Meghan Maza Oeser decided to head off on a girls' weekend, she put her husband in charge of the kids. But it's pretty clear in the instructions she left him that he doesn't usually take care of them. If you haven't already read her viral Facebook post, go read it now.  The letter starts off sweet with a "I'm writing this to you out of love, not fear," introduction and then quickly becomes the scariest thing any person with zero childcare experience could ever read (but is also pretty relatable for any parent who's cared for kids 24/7.) Meghan details the drama her husband can expect, including fights over the Elsa dress, sippy cups that CANNOT be shared, pyjamas that will not be worn, meal time squabbles, bedtimes that will suck, crying all the time, multiple potty breaks and most importantly, a warning that if he plans on getting anything done this weekend: "good f*cking luck."

While the letter made us giggle, here's hoping this poor dad also found the note funny and that the instructions were mainly meant as a joke. He does know how to look after his own kids, right? Or was he working overseas for the past 8 years?

This article was originally published on Aug 17, 2016

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