This little boy is VERY upset about people wrecking the planet

Six-year-old Henry Mars is very emotional about what's happening to the planet. It's heartbreaking and adorable.

This little boy is VERY upset about people wrecking the planet

Henry Mar is a six-year-old environmentalist. He's loved the planet his whole life, even dressing up as a park ranger for Halloween last year. But it can be tough standing up for a massive entity like Mother Earth and understandably, some days leave him feeling pretty defeated.

Having just watched a video about humankind's negative effect on the planet, Henry is overcome by emotion. In the video taken by his mom, Allie, Henry full-on sobs with outrage, frustration and disgust as he vents his feelings, vowing to stop the "dumb" people who hurt animals and throw trash on the ground. He's so angry that he threatens to call polluters the "S" word (stupid) and to fight them when he grows up. I think we can all agree, littering is really, really stupid.

The video is raw, emotional and, at some points, unintentionally hilarious. Henry wishes to be an adult immediately so that he can get straight to his work of saving the planet, while his mom reminds him that he possess the power to help now. As this video—which has been shared over 25 thousand times on Facebook—shows, Henry is doing his part in a big way by spreading awareness.

We feel you, Henry. Earth is our mothership and we're ready to fight for her alongside you.

And don't forget, cutting back meat consumption, even one day a week, goes a long way to helping the planet. Try one of these 10 vegetarian meals packed with protein

This article was originally published on May 30, 2016

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