The first Fuller House trailer is here!

The Tanners are back—with a few new additions.

Netflix just released a teaser trailer for Fuller House, the much-anticipated revival of everyone’s fave ’90s family sitcom Full House. And from the sounds of it, the gang’s all here (well, most of them, anyway—Michelle is MIA). Have mercy!

The premise is eerily similar to the original series. Instead of widower Danny Tanner making a go of it with his three girls, grownup DJ Tanner-Fuller (now a veterinarian with three boys) is a widow who moves back to the beloved San Fran house with her kids and enlists the help of her sister Stephanie and bestie Kimmy Gibbler in raising them. And you know shenanigans are sure to follow with Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, Uncle Joey and Danny rejoining the series. Duh!

The show won’t be available to stream until February 26 (how rude!), so you’ll just have to wait. We don’t know about you, but Oh, Mylanta, we’re excited!

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