Have mercy! Full House is coming back and we're excited

Those Full House spin-off rumours are true—and we just can't contain our excitement!

By Alyssa Ashton

Have mercy! Full House is coming back and we're excited

The rumours are true—Full House is coming back! Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of a new family-friendly show featuring the Tanners. John Stamos announced the news last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and we couldn't be more exited. Bring on Uncle Jesse!

The spinoff series will be called Fuller House and will be all about D.J., who will be a widow.

Didn't see that coming did you? D.J. is pregnant and has two boys. And like her dad, she'll be raising her kids with the help of her best friend. Cause you can't have Full House without Kimmy Gibbler!

She'll also have her sister Stephanie there to help. We're hoping she still uses her signature catchphrase.

Unlike the Tanner girls, D.J.'s two boys are a bit rebellious. They clearly need Auntie Michelle in their lives. (A girl can hope, right?)

Also, one of D.J.'s sons is named J.D.! Weird, right?

Netflix is working to convince other Full House stars to join the series, including Bob Saget. Quite frankly, Fuller House would not be complete without some classic Danny Tanner dance moves.

And the Olsen twins need to sign on...otherwise, who'll say this?

We'll be anxiously awaiting the premiere of Fuller House in 2016. Until then, we will just stare at this. Swoon!

This article was originally published on Apr 21, 2015