Teach your kids kindness with this cute Elf on the Shelf alternative

December has just begun and you're already tired of moving your Elf on the Shelf every single night. Luckily, these Kindness Elves have got you covered.

Teach your kids kindness with this cute Elf on the Shelf alternative

Photo: The Kindness Elves

It's December (already?!), which means the countdown to Christmas has begun and little elves have most likely taken over your house for the next 24 days. But, if they've also taken over your sanity (which is highly likely), the Kindness Elves are here so you can give old Elfie the shelf—for good.

While Elfie fear-mongered your kids into good behaviour by acting like a magical surveillance system for the North Pole, The Kindness Elves are simply here to suggest altruistic activities your kids can do each day leading up to Christmas.

The little wooden elves come in pairs bundled up in adorable knitwear. Since the elves are kind and not mischievous, there's no need for them to get into ridiculous house-ruining situations every night. That means no more scouring Pinterest for new over-the-top ideas you haven't already done in years past (which, let's be honest, is the biggest kindness these elves can give).

Instead, kids will find the Kindness Elves posed each morning near their cardboard house with a heart-shaped Act of Kindness card. The suggestions on the cards include things like reading a book to a younger child, baking cookies for a neighbour or simply giving someone a hug and telling them you love them.

After the kids have accomplished the act of kindness, the elves give them a handwritten note thanking them for their good deed, which they can put into a scrapbook (sold separately) to look through on Christmas morning and reflect on their good deeds.

These elves let your family take a step back from all of the holiday hubbub. So to whoever came up with this idea, we're sending you a virtual hug—we love you.

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