17 reasons why we love puppies on National Puppy Day (and every day)!

Celebrate National Puppy Day with our favourite gifs of sweet squishy-faced pups.


Photo: Lisa Frank

Take a break to celebrate National Puppy Day!

We love puppies, any shape or size. In fact, we think they’re neato!

We love them in bowls.

We love them when they mess up the blankets.

We love their puppy style. Someone call Vogue!

We even love animated puppies.

We love their slobbery smooches.

And their tiny brains.

Um, we’re not exactly sure what’s happening here, but we LOVE it.

We love their yawn-y little faces.

And their general tolerance for the bullsh*t we put them through.

We love when they interact with other species. PUPPIES AND BUNNIES!

And we love how sweet and cozy they are when they’re sleepy.

We love that they’re so easily amused.

And their problem-solving skills.

We love and appreciate their sense of humour.

They’re just like us, sometimes struggling with being an adult. But it’s OK, because he’s still a baby.

They’re just so damn cute.

And we LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Happy National Puppy Day!


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