Baby health

Dog finds baby delicious, baby doesn't develop asthma. Win!

A new study shows that regular exposure to dogs (or farm animals) before kids are one can help protect them against developing asthma.


When you see a dog slobbering all over a baby, your first reaction is probably “Um, ew?” But now there’s even more evidence that exposing your babe to dogs and farm animals (if you happen to have any cows laying around the house) can help prevent them from developing asthma.

In a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers from Uppsala University looked at kids born in Sweden over a nine-year period and found that out of more than 1 million kids, those who were in regular contact with a dog before their first birthday had a 13 percent lower risk of developing asthma than kids from households with no dogs. The benefit was even greater with farm animals: The kids in the study who were exposed to those had a 50 percent less chance of having asthma by the time they were school aged. So go ahead, let them snuggle up to Peanut—they just might breathe easier because of it!

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