Prince George playing with friends in New Zealand—video!

Warning: adorable! Watch this video of Prince George playing with other babies and Mom, Kate Middleton, on the floor and talking to lucky local parents.

Photo: Pool/Getty Images Photo: Pool/Getty Images

It's official: Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is beyond adorable. Here he is with Mom, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, at his first official royal engagement, a public play date in New Zealand.

Can you stand it? The booties?! Doesn't he look like Mom—with a smidgen of Queen Elizabeth in just the right places (maybe the eye-nose area)?

The big event went down in the Blundell Room at Government House, where the Queen’s official New Zealand rep resides, and it was hosted by the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, which provides free services to new parents and their babies.

Ten fortunate babies, who were born around the same time as Prince George—within weeks of July 22, 2013—and who live in the Wellington region, and their parents, of course, were invited to the royal playdate. (Amazing. Can you imagine being invited to that event?)

Actually, it wasn't a completely random group of families. According to the Daily Mail, "It was a self-confessed politically correct gathering and included two gay fathers, a single mother, and babies of Maori, Samoan, Asian and even Polish descent."


Ready to watch a video clip of the future king playing with his new little friends? Ready to see gorgeous Kate Middleton right there on the floor with him, chatting with other parents? If you're a royal fan, you will love this (my mother went nuts).

I don't know if you can handle this cuteness, though. Are you ready for this cuteness? Hmmm, I don't know.... Well, let's give it a go and see.

Could you handle it? Oyyy!

Before I leave you, a note about the fashions! For this special event, Kate donned a fabulous black-and-white $714 Tory Burch knitted dress (sold out now, of course!). And the Prince wore $140 blue Rachel Riley overalls with a cute sailboat design.


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This article was originally published on Apr 10, 2014

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