Parents are covering their babies' bums with peaches and it's adorable

This trend really cracks us up.

By Emily Rivas

Parents are covering their babies' bums with peaches and it's adorable

You know the saying "soft as a baby's bottom?" Well, one of the cutest memes ever has Japanese parents taking pictures of their babies' backsides obscured by the softest, fuzziest, juiciest fruit around.

Forget about the whole Cheerio-stacking challenge—this new trend started on Instagram when a Japanese-based photography company called Kodomono ran a contest in which participants had to submit these funny fanny photos. The hashtag used was 桃尻, which translates into “peach” in English.

Parents who saw the deliciously adorable contest submissions started uploading their own snaps of their kids' derrières.

Like this baby who just wants to sit her sweet bum down and read a book (once's she's chosen one, that is).

But some kids would just rather watch TV.

A photo posted by k-eri (@keri2758) on

Here's another variation: a tiny cherry butt.

Or this curvy crawler.

A photo posted by 今村 遥 (@halkaimamura) on

Behold the behinds on these siblings!

A photo posted by ゆい (@pichan0305) on

Or this lucky peach, clearly ready to hit up the beach.

A photo posted by 文香 (@fumicaaaa) on

This tush trend hasn't kicked off in North America yet, but it should, because we think it's peachy-keen. Plus, fresh peaches are in season now, which means you can use one for the photo op, and eat it, too! Yum.

This article was originally published on Jul 04, 2016

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