#StuffOnMyBaby: Cute or weird?

The #StuffOnMyBaby trend on social media is inspiring adorable, hilarious and interesting baby photos. The latest addition? Stacking Cheerios on your baby!

stuff-on-baby-1 Photo: ourlifein4bags via Instagram

There's a new baby trend making the rounds on social media. #StuffOnMyBaby is going viral on Twitter and Instagram, with parents sharing their little cuties sporting some, um, unconventional toppers. Little Libby, pictured above, is clearly horrified by the block on her head. (Also: Can we just take a second to appreciate how cute her double chin is?)

We're not sure if we think this trend is cute or kind of weird. The babies certainly are adorable. Here are a few more of our favourite #StuffOnMyBaby pictures:

stuff-on-my-baby-3 Photo: mattconti via Instagram

It's pretty funny to put food on your baby when they're asleep.

stuff-on-my-baby-4 Photo: niftythriftyfinds via Instagram

This little cutie is giving Prince George a run for his royal money.

stuff-on-my-baby-5 Photo: Fiafreydenlund via Instagram

"Ha ha, Mom, that's not how you read a book."

stuff-on-my-baby Photo: liberationdan via Instagram

The cutest thing to put on your baby? A moustache!

And here's the latest craze: Stacking Cheerios on your baby! This trend, dubbed #CheerioChallenge, has dads in particular challenging themselves to see how many they can stack on their baby's head as they sleep.


What do you think of this trend? Would you try it?

This article was originally published on Jun 20, 2016

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