National Puppy Day: 7 adorable videos of kids and dogs

Get ready for some serious cuteness! In celebration of National Puppy Day, we've rounded up some adorable videos of kids hanging out with the family dog.


Happy Puppy Day! Yes, there's a whole day dedicated to man's best friend and we thought we'd double the cuteness by showing you our seven favourite videos featuring dogs and kids. Prepare to die from the cuteness.

1. In this adorable video, a little girl crawls for the first time and her dog gives her a special reward. You don't want to miss the ending!


2. A dog, a toddler and a puddle—so much cuteness ensues. And how well-behaved is this pooch?

3. Not only are dogs excellent friends for our little ones, they're also awesome protectors, too. Watch as Maximus prevents his sister from falling down the stairs.


4. Is there any better way to wake up than with some puppy kisses?

5. Sometimes dogs aren't so well behaved, like this beagle named Charlie who takes the baby's toys! (Spoiler: He makes up for it in the most heartwarming way.)


6. Dogs are also great at getting wee ones to stop crying. (New parents may want to borrow this sweet husky.)

7. And last but not least, watch how Sadie makes little Jaden giggle.

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This article was originally published on Mar 23, 2015

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