Move it: 7 adorable ways parents work out with their kids

These parents are giving us major #fitspiration.

Photo: @laurasykora via Instagram Photo: @laurasykora via Instagram

No time to fit in a workout? Reluctant to pay a sitter while you escape to the gym? We get it. Sometimes parents barely have time to pee, let alone prioritize exercise over quality time with the kids. (Does lifting a baby out of the crib repeatedly count as cardio? No? Ha.) These creative moms and dads have figured out fun ways to incorporate their kids into their fitness routines—no sitter needed—and it's pretty freaking adorable. We've rounded up our favourite parents giving us major #fitspiration right now.

1. This super-fit dad created a fun-for-the-whole-family workout routine.


OK, this routine looks pretty intense, but the kids are loving it. (And judging from the shirtless-ness, all those planks and push-ups yield real results!) Did you know that babies can do sit-ups?! Maybe it's genetic.

2. Use your baby to do bicep curls.


Kristy of @baby_fitgym takes advantage of her baby's portability by using him as a dumbbell for arm workouts, among other things. Little Tucker really seems to be enjoying himself, too! That smile is unreal. 

3. Transform everyday activities—even unloading the dishwasher!—into exercise.

Trainer and mom of four boys Jennifer Gelman (@bwmcfitness) has found some pretty creative ways of fitting some strength- and cardio work into her daily routine. She gets all four kids in on the action, too! Watch as she squats her way through dishes and bath time, and even lunges her way through putting away groceries.


4. Try some sun salutations with your mini-me. 

Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora) and her daughter (@minilaurasykora), whom she refers to as her “mini,” have found a way to stretch, flex, and "om" together. Watch as they flow and pose, despite their size difference. (In fact, it actually works to their advantage!)

5. This kick-butt bootcamp mom and her daughter train together. 

Get amped for bootcamp by exercising with your kids—they're already bursting with lots of energy! Fitness trainer and mom Amanda Tress (@amandatress) even goes on runs with her daughter.


6. Turn your backyard into a gym.

Who says you need to go to a gym to workout? And who says the kids can’t have fun, too? Mom of two Nana of @nana_health works out in the backyard while still spending quality time with her little ones.

7. This dad squeezes in some arm work while playing with his baby twins.


Double trouble.... Watch as this dad balances (and entertains) his identical baby boys, adding definition to his biceps and triceps (while lying on the couch, might we add).

This article was originally published on May 03, 2016

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