Mom goes to great lengths to get her kid to eat healthy

These food creations are amazing—but holy smokes they must take a lot of time and effort.

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Photo: Jacob’s Food Diaries via Instagram

Laleh Mohmedi is a Melbourne mom who’s an extremely talented artist—and she’s using her insane skills to make elaborate food art for her son Jacob.

The whole idea started a year ago when Laleh made a lion out of spelt pancakes and fruit—and Jacob gobbled it up. And now these edible characters have become a daily ritual. Every night Jacob, 3, makes a request for a different character from a book, TV show or movie. The next day Laleh works her magic to make these crazy meals for her son—like Carl from Up made out of free-range chicken or Hank from Finding Dory made from red peppers.  You can see all her creations over at Jacob’s Food Diaries.

Photo: Jacob's Food Diaries via Instagram

Photo: Jacob’s Food Diaries via Instagram

While we think these creations are ahh-mazing, they’re also a lot of work! Laleh will tint mashed potatoes and cream cheese to create “skin” and she’ll use wild rice to make stubble. Holy smokes, that’s a lot of effort. She says it only takes her 30 minutes to do, but she’s an artist. For the rest of us this would be a whole day affair of chopping, tinting and, most likely, swearing.

Spongebob: Super cute

Photo: Jacob’s Food Diaries via Instagram


Laleh’s goal is to make healthy, organic food fun. But do you think this SpongeBob would convince your picky eater to actually eat spelt waffles with spelt puffs? I’m thinking most kids would smile and then ask for some white bread with butter.

We think Laleh’s work is beautiful and we’re very impressed (and slightly jealous) her kid eats such healthy foods. But this is just too much for us. What do you think?


Taco dude: V cute.

Photo: Jacob’s Food Diaries via Instagram

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