Love It or List It host Jillian Harris is pregnant!

The former Bachelorette just announced her pregnancy.

By Alyssa Ashton

Photo: Jillian Harris Photo: Jillian Harris

Love it! Jillian Harris, the former Bachelorette and now the host of Love It or List It Vancouver, just announced she is pregnant.

The star announced her exciting news on her blog.

Photo: Jillian Harris Photo: Jillian Harris

"This has to be one of the most fabulous, emotional, wonderful blogs I have EVER written," she writes "I have dreamed for years of being a mama … thought about how I would tell people … how I would feel … what kind of mom I would be … and here we are … Justin and I couldn’t be MORE STOKED to grow our little family!!"

The star says she and her boyfriend, Justin Pasutto, started trying for a baby back in 2015, just before her 36th birthday. And low-and-behold, trying for a baby led to actual baby-making. The couple found out 12 days before her birthday that they are expecting!

The star didn't reveal when she is due, but says the baby is about the size of a canary. And no, the couple is not finding out if they are having a boy or a girl! They want it to be a surprise.

When we talked to Jillian a few months ago, she hinted that babies were in the plan for 2016—little did we know that she was already pregnant! Jillian and Justin held off telling fans about the pregnancy.

"We have put off this post for a while, mostly because … I don’t even FEEL pregnant?? IS that normal? I keep looking down there and saying “hello bud, are you still in there??”

That's totally normal, Jillian! Pregnancy is full of weird emotions. As you already know!

"Being pregnant has been the WEIRDEST thing I have ever experienced," she writes. "Maybe I will call it beautiful once the baby is here but for now, it’s just WEIRD. I am literally growing a tiny person."

It's totally amazing, right?

This article was originally published on Mar 04, 2016

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