Love it! Mom throws daughter awesome period party

Why feel shame about your period when you can celebrate it with cake?


Photo: @Ahhdum via Twitter

Photo: @Ahhdum via Twitter

Twelve-year-old Brooke recently got her period, and her mom, Shelly, threw her a surprise First Moon party aka a period party.

According to Shelly, Brooke was anxious to get her period so her mom wanted to make this moment more fun than scary. There was of course cake—it was chocolate because serotonin is key when your uterus is shedding. Brooke’s cousin shared the above photo on Twitter and it of course went viral. It’s funny, it’s cute and it’s heartwarming.

Beyond the cheekiness of the celebration and the cake that read “Congrats on your period,” we love that these parents made getting your period a totally normal thing and didn’t encourage Brooke to be all secretive about something that every woman goes through. You go, Brooke’s parents!

For the first visit of my own red friend, I didn’t get a party, per se. But the arrival of my ‘special time’ coincided with a scheduled family campfire. I remember sitting awkwardly, moving from one butt cheek to the other as I tried to get used to the feeling of a thick pad. We were all sitting around roasting marshmallows when my mom announced that I had gotten my period. My younger brothers didn’t know what that was, but my dad sure did. I was mortified. I wish I had the bravery then to own it and stand up and do a celebratory shimmy around the fire. I wish society in the ’90s was more accepting of Aunt Flo, but am glad that today’s society is making it more status quo.

Puberty can be overwhelming, but a fun party can make it less so. So let’s keep celebrating and embracing the beautiful inner-workings of our awesome lady parts and supporting each other. May there always be plenty of cake and chocolate and gummy worms and cookies to celebrate with. And chips, too. Yeah, lots of chips.


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