Principal's genius way to get your kid to cover their mouth when they sneeze

Tired of asking your kid to cover his mouth when he sneezes? Ask him to dab instead.

Late last week, a photo of a principle dabbing went viral on Imgur after he used the pop culture reference to teach students to cough and sneeze in their sleeves. The “Destroy all bacteria, Dab when you sneeze” poster that hangs in the school hallway shows the principle demonstrating a dab in an effort to decrease the spread of germs.

Dabbing, of course, is a hip hop dance move made popular in late 2015, and has made its way through elementary schools ever since. The move consists of a person leaning their face into their bent elbow, while extending their opposite arm outwards. As shown below:


On social media, one commenter described the image as “The official poster for dad humour.” While another asked, “Is it official? Is the dab officially uncool?”

They make a point. If you’re constantly being asked to take videos and photos of your kids dabbing, rest assured that now that an adult thinks it’s cool, your kids probably won’t anymore. But teaching them to sneeze into their elbow instead of their hand is still a good idea.

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