Kermit has a new duet partner and he's swoon-worthy!

Kermit the Frog + Ed Sheeran = swoon!

Kermit has a new duet partner and he's swoon-worthy!

Sorry, Miss Piggy, but Kermit has a new singing partner in his life. And we might love this duo just a bit more than you and Kermie. But can you blame us—it's Ed Sheeran!

For Red Nose Day, Kermit and Ed Sheeran joined forces to help raise money for kids and young adults living in poverty. The duo sang "Rainbow Connection" for the telethon, and it's a heartbreaking performance.

Many other celebrities participated in the event, including Sophia Bush, Chris Pratt, Kim Kardashian and Anna Kendrick. But who can compare to Kermit and Ed Sheeran? (*swoon!*)

Mix Sheeran's smooth voice with Kermit’s never-ending amazingness, and you have a must-watch video. Enjoy!


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This article was originally published on May 22, 2015

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