I want everyone to be smiling: Girl pleads for divorced parents to be friends

"If we live in a world where everyone's being mean, everyone's going to be a monster...we need everyone to be a person."

I think we sometimes forget how wise kids are. Despite their tiny size and their youth, they actually know a lot about the world. Take Tiana, for instance.

Tiana is just six years old, but she has some excellent advice for her parents, who are divorced.

“I want you and my dad to be settled and be friends,” she tells her mom with the most serious look on her face. “If I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice, too.”

You’re right, Tiana—we can all make more of an effort to be nice.

She goes on to share more nuggets of wisdom like, “I’m trying to do my best in my heart,” to “I want everyone to smile.” Pretty amazing, huh?

Divorce is hard on everyone, especially kids. But we can all take a lesson from sweet Tiana. Let’s be a little nicer to each other. She says it best, really:

“If we live in a world where everyone’s being mean, everyone’s going to be a monster…we need everyone to be a person.”

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